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Premium Synthetic Landscape Turf –
Wholesale Prices

Who We Are

First Source Turf is the wholesale synthetic turf subsidiary of the largest vertically-integrated sports construction contractor in the United States, specializing in the general construction of sports facilities and sports surfaces. Learn more about us , our products, where to find us, or contact us .



Limonta Bali 45 Synthetic Landscape Turf:

  • 1.75" Pile Height

  • 50 oz Face Weight (per cubic yard)

  • 77 oz Total Weight (per cubic yard)

  • TenCate® Straight Monofilament

  • Curled Monofilament Fiber

  • 100% Polypropylene Backing


Available in 12.75' x 42.5'* (542 square foot) rolls

*Actual dimensions 390cm x 1300 cm (50.7 sq. meters)


1. ) Remove existing grass and topsoil
2.) Install base of 3” of gravel/sand mix
3.) Wet and compact the base, grade to assist drainage
4.) Roll out turf (assuring that each roll goes in the same direction) hold in place with turf staples driven ¾ of the way in
5.) Trim and tuck edges (always cut from the backing using a sharp blade)
6.) Secure in place. Add infill.
7.) Groom with rake, power brush, push broom for natural look


Why Synthetic Turf Works
for your Customer

Lower Water Bill

Every square yard of synthetic turf can save up to 55 gallons of water over traditional turf

No More Mowing

Forget the mowing, weeding, fertilizing.  Simply keep the lawn free of debris and rinse off dust and pollen regularly

Neighborhood Envy

The grass is always greener on your side of the fence

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